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Good College Choices in California

Not every US resident can arrange it to attend school in Canada. Most students stay in the US and attend a college there.

Some states have more education options than others. California, for example, has many public and private colleges. In fact, before Governor Ronald Reagan changed it, many state colleges in California were tuition-free for serious students. The California State University campuses, like the one in Long Beach, are still an affordable choice and many students take advantage of them.

And California has a rich variety of specialty schools. For instance, you can study culinary arts up in San Francisco, or you can learn fashion design in Los Angeles. California also has great music, acting, fine arts, and film schools. You can research the various California schools at

Lots of prospective students just don't have the desire to commit four years to earning a college degree. They would rather attend a vocational or trade school, get the training they need, and get started working. has articles about this.

And if you already have your bachelor's degree, you can find a good school to enroll in to earn an advanced degree. California has many colleges that have graduate and doctoral programs. Learn more about enrolling in a master's degree program.


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