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Two career fields where people say they really enjoy are graphic designer and engine mechanic.

While the two fields are completely unlike each other, people who work in these two jobs tend to like their work.

Graphic designers work with advertising and marketing professionals and design and develop designs and visual art and packaging for products, services, companies and organizations. Most designers come from an art background or at least have good art skills in the area of drawing and understanding shape and color. Graphic arts professionals earn a nice living and the work can be demanding at times, but is usually pretty steady. has the details.

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As you know, engine mechanics work on engines and whatever the engine is connected to. Most mechanics specialize in one type of vehicle -- automobile, truck, airplane, motorcycle or boat. There are specialty schools scattered around the US and Canada that teach the basics that every mechanic would need to know. Mechanics will learn most of what they need to know while on the job, either through experience or through continuing education courses their employer puts them through. Learn more about becoming a mechanic.

Where you end up going to college can often depend upon where you live. Not every student can afford to go off to an expensive university and live in the dorms.

Here are some choices for prospective students who happen to live in these cities:

New York City area
Saint Paul MN


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